Perfect Toilet Posture

Now you may evacuate your bowels, with pleasure, and feel good again!
No more agony or anxiety while sitting on the toilet, because of contipation.

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Natural Constipation Relief

Relieve Constipation Safely

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Our Guarantee to You

  • You will feel better within 5 to 8 days!
  • Use the Perfect Toilet Posture, or “PTP”, as directed – allow your body a week or so to function properly again.
  • Say goodbye to the bloating, discomfort, and belly pain!
  • 100%, 30-day Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee.
100% gurantee

Perfect Toilet Posture

What Is Perfect Toilet Posture

The “PTP”, is two hard foam blocks that go at the front of your toilet/commode. The foam blocks are 4 by 4 by 6 inches in size.

How does the Perfect Toilet Posture work?

When you sit on the toilet, and place your feet on the blocks, you are now in a squat-like position. Now your colon is unkinked allowing the stool, or poop, to flow more freely from your intestines.

How to Relieve Constipation

Follow these 5 simple steps for 5 to 8 days, and you will feel better.

  • Enjoy a balanced, nutritious diet for each meal. Consume good food.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise each day: Walking, swimming, some aerobics, etc. Nothing strenuous.
  • Get adequate, restful sleep each day.

Now there is no need to push like Superman. When you empty your bowels more completely, the belly or abdominal pain will dissipate.

Perfect Toilet Posture Foam Blocks
Perfect Toilet Posture. simulates a squatting position

Positions to Help Poop

When we sit versus squatting, we are putting pressure on the intestines and colon causing sort of like a clamp or a dam. This is why so many of us in the developed world are getting colon cancer. Think about it, our bowels never completely empty. When we use a toilet., we must go back as to how the human body was formed. .. a squat-like position !!!!

Gordo says: “I have designed the world’s #1 constipation remedy”.
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What Makes You Poop Instantly

Squat, don’t sit on the toilet. Sitting on the can may kink your colon, and when your colon has been weakened by drugs, dehydration, or not being used, constipation can be the result.

PTP is the aid that will actually help you poop a lot more and way easier!!! Many times you see people walking around with huge bellies; A part of this cause is the bowels are not emptied completely.

Take the PTP with you when you Travel!

Try the Perfect Toilet Posture blocks for your constipation relief. Try this for about a week, and then you will see long-term results!
$17.95, and free shipping.

How Mammals Poop

Consider the mammals, both domesticated and wild. When most mammals need to relieve themselves, they “squat” moments before they defecate, or “poop” in the ground. Then they stand up, walk away, and get on with their existence.

Remedy Constipation

These tips have been known to help people relieve their constipation from time to time:
Drinking more water, eating more fiber, drinking hot coffee, “prunes and prune juice”, etc. all may sound like promising solutions or remedies, but they have a tendency to disappoint people.

Constipation Remedies

When these home remedies bring about no consistent relief, some people may naturally seek out an over-the-counter solution, and perhaps a prescription from their doctor. Sadly, these items may not work as promised, they may have unwanted side effects, and they inadvertently disappoint the users.

Perfect Toilet Posture – Travel with no Constipation

Best Foods for Constipation

These items may be short-term solutions: Drink coffee, Use a fiber supplement, Use a stimulant laxative, Lubrication, Stool softeners, Use a suppository, Colon massage, Give yourself an enema, and Eat a high-fiber diet.

Colon Cancer

The internet is full of various home constipation treatments that “may” help manipulate constipation symptoms.

But today, people have a sterile, convenient, and private toilet or commode in which to do their business, and for most Americans, this is where constipation starts. Their colon is kinked or crinkled.

*Money Back Guarantee

Perfect Toilet Posture Blocks
Perfect Toilet Posture – Helps take the kink out of your colon!

Made in the U.S.A.

Constipation Relief
Perfect Toilet Posture Made in Texas Seal Constipation Relief

Constipation and Prescription Drugs

Sadly, prescription drugs may “plug up” your colon and give you constipation discomfort, and pain. And the prolonged use of many over-the-counter laxatives may weaken or damage your intestines. The best thing you can do is this:

Wait for the right time to stop taking these drugs. Tell your doctor about the constipation problem.
Avoid taking more drugs to fight the first drugs you are taking. (Remember, drugs have a tendency to affect your central nervous system in a harsh manner)