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When “Gordo” was in his teens and early 20’s, he ignored his health. He was “as strong as a bull”, but he was frequently fatigued during the daytime. Gordo did not think much about his health since was actively helping other people find affordable housing. And it paid well. He kept on working, helping people, as he splurged on his tacos and pizza.


Poor Health and Constipation

As time marched on, Gordo noticed the shape of his body had changed from being lean and strong to being larger and softer, especially around the belly. And he had belly pain from time to time. By his admission, Gordo enjoyed tacos and pizza a bit too much, and fresh vegetables, fruit, and water were secondary to his lust for tacos and pizza. And by now, Gordo was suffering from constipation. Fast forward another decade, he had tried numerous home remedies (Fiber products, olive oil, lemon water, alkaline water, camomile tea, and Chia seeds.) At the most, these items only gave him temporary relief. And Gordo was still constipated.

The Kinked Colon

In his late 30s, he recognized that most mammals squat so they can have an easy bowel movement. And they completed their business in an open field or a forest in a matter of seconds, not minutes. Gordo researched the modern toilet, and he discovered that sitting on the toilet, instead of squatting, was related to his constipation! He learned that when he sat on the toilet, the end of his colon was kinked, and his “stool” could not easily flow out of his intestines.

So Gordo, being a problem solver tried various ideas for simulating a “squatting” position while sitting on his toilet. He started to play around with resting his feet on blocks while he sat on the commode. One day after using the blocks for a week or so, he realized his bowel movements were easy, complete, and actually quite pleasant. And the constipation was leaving him alone!

After tweaking his blocks for a year, he came up with the current version of the Perfect Toilet Posture.

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Perfect Toilet Posture

  • These blocks are manufactured in Gordo’s home state of Texas.
  • You may put the blocks in your suitcase so you may continue to enjoy a constipation-free lifestyle even when you travel away from home.
  • Gordo is selling a set of blocks for $17.95, including shipping, plus sales tax.
  • And Gordo has a 30-day – no questions asked – satisfaction guarantee!

Made in the U.S.A.

Constipation Relief
Perfect Toilet Posture Made in Texas Seal Constipation Relief